"Culture forms the vision of the future by setting a vector of values for society, government and economy"
"Interconnection of cultures and the exchange of historical heritage is the key task of developing effective international relations between Russia and China"
Who we are?
The Rudanovsky Foundation is a philanthropic enterprise that supports cross-cultural diplomacy and artistic innovation by combining traditions with tech. We believe the value of culture is nothing less than the legacy of societal innovation itself. The Rudanovsky Foundation encourages collaborations between nations and their representatives through the hosting of cultural exchanges and arts initiatives, as well as establishing CryptoArts, the first major art ecosystem to utilize blockchain technology to holistically revolutionize art finance and provenance for a new era of democratic art history.

Founded by Pavel Rudanovsky, the Rudanovsky Foundation began with a mutual appreciation of the power of art to catalyze harmony in our global and increasingly frenetic era. Since then, the foundation has organised ground-breaking meetings between public figures and industry leaders to develop strategies for social stability through international exchange and partnerships in the creative fields. Along the way, the founders have received numerous accolades for their cultural ambassadorship. In 2017, Pavel was honoured with royal medal by the King of Malaysia for his dedication to improving relations between Japan, Malaysia, Russia.

Board of trustees
Pavel Rudanovsky
Her Royal Highness Princess Hend Faisal Al Qassemi
What we do?
Strengthening international relations
Cultural diplomacy, cross-cultural projects
Development and support of innovative cultural solutions
Preservation of historically significant cultural objects
Prizes, seminars, conferences promoting human development
The return of cultural property to its historical homeland
Integration of cultural innovations in the strategy of state development.
Federal programs
Our partners